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Rising Above Ego: Leadership Lessons from Pierce Brantley
Episode 2491st June 2023 • Leaders Moment • Scott McClelland
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From ego-driven to empowering: Pierce Brantley's journey into humility and the unexpected twist that revolutionized his approach to leadership. You won't believe the game-changing realization he made - and the open loop left will leave you questioning your own leadership style.

“If you start with a posture of humility, both towards God and towards people, that'll get you 90% of the way there.” - Pierce Brantley

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  • Tackle personal obstacles like ego and fear for entrepreneurial triumph.
  • Discover the value of humility in leadership for exponential growth.
  • Uncover the challenges entrepreneurs face when building a business and delegating tasks.
  • Grasp the significance of self-awareness and trust in the entrepreneurial journey.
  • Master a four-step framework for efficiently scaling and delegating tasks in business.



Pierce Brantley's journey as an entrepreneur led him to understand the significance of humility in leadership. Through personal experiences, he identified two antivalues – the ego driver and the fear driver – that could potentially limit business growth.

By acknowledging these roadblocks, Pierce was able to implement a new approach to delegation, allowing him to trust his team members and effectively scale his business. In doing so, he learned that one's identity should no longer be rooted in expertise, but rather in the vision and mission of the company.

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