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Data Science Conversations - Damien Deighan and Philipp Diesinger EPISODE 5, 10th November 2020
AI V Humans (Part 1) - Esports Legends Battle With AlphaStar (Google DeepMind)
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AI V Humans (Part 1) - Esports Legends Battle With AlphaStar (Google DeepMind)

Every so often on the podcast we will bring you something that is a little bit different.

This episode is part one of a conversation with Esports Legends TLO & MaNa. They are professional Starcraft II players and they tell us the story of what it was like to compete against Google DeepMinds AlphaStar AI agent.

This is a fascinating discussion about the technical capability of AI agents and about the psychology involved when Humans take on the machines.

Episode Summary

  • A typical day for an esports athlete
  • The similarities and differences between Esports and normal sports
  • The importance of actions and screens per minutes for high performance
  • The role of gaming in driving development of AI
  • Evolution of gaming AI agents
  • The challenges in competing against a blackbox
  • Exploiting the game playing tendencies of the AlphaStar
  • The psychological pressure of playing against AlphaStar
  • Underestimating the ability of AlphaStar


Deepmind Alphastar Videos:


TLO Profile: - https://liquipedia.net/starcraft2/TLO

MaNa Profile: - https://liquipedia.net/starcraft2/MaNa