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The Importance of Feedback Loops in Talent Technology Implementation
Episode 2027th September 2023 • Start Smart • Peter Weddle
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The Start Smart podcast with Peter Weddle

A recent survey found that only half of all business leaders use feedback loops to keep track of the changes among their customer base. If that’s true on the consumer side of a business, it’s probably also true in talent acquisition. And that’s problem. Talent technology is almost always acquired to improve KPIs – to see an upgrade in recruiter performance – and it’s next to impossible to reach that goal without the effective use of feedback loops. Happily, there’s no one more expert in applying feedback loops than my guest for this episode of Start Smart, Maury Hanigan, the CEO of SparcStart.

Maury and I crammed about two hours of discussion into our 30 minute show, so we covered everything from the difference between using a feedback loop when implementing talent technology and simply monitoring a new product’s introduction. We discussed who should be invited to participate in a feedback loop for a new technology-based tool and the steps involved in setting it up as well as the benefits that can accrue to both the recruiting team and the employer from doing so. It’s a conversation that explores both the strategic and tactical aspects of feedback loops and the challenges and opportunities that come from using them to implement talent technology. Take a listen!




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