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#14: British Airways Executive Club - Airline Loyalty Insights
Episode 144th December 2019 • Let's Talk Loyalty • Paula Thomas
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The British Airways Executive Club is an industry-leading loyalty programme designed to engage frequent fliers all over the world. This episode discusses how British Airways is using the Executive Club to differentiate itself in the truly competitive landscape of airline travel.

As Loyalty Manager for British Airways, Niall Rooney shares his insights on key trends in loyalty marketing and how customer preferences and performance are driving the airline's internal thinking to ensure these key customers are continually recognised and rewarded. 

Niall also shares some great statistics on how and why British Airways Executive Club continues to improve capacity to reward seats for customers, as well as key areas of focus for the airline.

Show Notes:

1) Innovation Agency that British Airways Executive Club partnered with for loyalty ideas and insights.

2) Press Release and key statistic:

"British Airways Greatly Boosts Reward Seat Availability"

3) Simple

This episode is published in partnership with Simple - the go-to source for everything in global aviation.






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