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Geopats Language - Stephanie Fuccio EPISODE 33, 13th October 2020
International Podcast Day Language Learning Panel
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International Podcast Day Language Learning Panel

On September 30, 2020 I was thrilled to lead a language learning Podcasters panel for International Podcast Day. You can watch the video of this panel on YouTube, https://youtu.be/hR8fr0Hapo0, OR you can listen to this on this episode. Thank you to Dave and Steve, the geniuses behind IPD, for holding yet another amazing year's sessions of Podcasters from around the world. And for allowing us to use the audio versions of our panel on our podcasts. Since you are language lovers, you may want to check out the other IPD sessions on YouTube IN other languages. 

More info: www.stephfuccio.com/geopatspolanguage/33