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72. Top 10 Nutrition Trends 2022
Episode 7217th January 2022 • Foodtrainers • Lauren Slayton
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At the start of any new year, our social feeds are littered with lists from blogs, magazines, and even retailers showcasing the upcoming trends you can expect to see in that industry. The world’s trending health and wellness fads come and go like the tides, even though some of the “special” ingredients and “new” techniques have been known for thousands of years! 

We’ve scoured the internet for health and wellness coverage in this format and pulled some market research to find the truth. What's real and what’s smoke and mirrors?

`1. Levels Continuous Glucose Monitor

2. Lumen

Other gadgets mentioned:

3 Hibiscus:

4. Moringa:

5. Elderberry:

6. Kroma (not a cleanse!)

7. Sakara Metabolism Super Powder

8. Wegovy

9. Gua Sha:

10. Moms/daughters TikTok

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