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Sometimes Not Being A Sneakerhead Gives You An Advantage In The Footwear Industry – Shoshy Ciment Interview
Episode 217th January 2022 • Sneaker History Podcast - Sneakers, Sneaker Culture and the Business of Footwear • Sneaker History - Retrospect Podcasts
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Sneakerheads tend to view the footwear industry through rose-colored glasses and underestimate the number of non-sneakerheads that are regularly spending big bucks on sneakers. In today's episode, Nick Engvall talks with Shoshy Ciment, who reports on the footwear industry for Footwear News and is "not a sneakerhead." Shoshy talks about how she came to be reporting on the industry, some of her favorite stories, and how she keeps from getting sucked into becoming a sneakerhead despite covering the news day in and day out.

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