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1·09 In the Kink of an Eye ⠀ (DNA Mad Scientist)
Episode 98th December 2020 • So Farscape! • Khaki & Kay
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Farscape Season 1, Episode 09, first aired Friday, 18 June 1999

In exchange for samples of their DNA, a genetic scientist offers the Moyans star charts to reach their respective homeworlds, but his demands become too extreme when he takes one of Pilot's arms and his experiments result in Aeryn mutating into a Pilot hybrid.

Directed by: Andrew Prowse · Written by: Tom Blomquist


Ben Browder as John Crichton

Claudia Black as Aeryn Sun

Virginia Hey as Zotoh Zhaan

Anthony Simcoe as Ka D'Argo

Guest cast

Adrian Getley as NamTar

Sarah Burns as Kornata


John Eccleston


Sean Masterson

Dave Collins

Graeme Haddon

Tim Mieville

Mario Halouvas

Damian Bradford

Voice artists

Jonathan Hardy as Rygel

Lani Tupu as Pilot

Julian Garner as NamTar