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Optimism Vaccine - The Optimism Vaccine Network EPISODE 138, 13th May 2021
The Films of Johnnie To - Part 1
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The Films of Johnnie To - Part 1

Johnnie To is one of the most prolific filmmakers in the world. For four decades he's written, produced and directed everything from lighthearted romantic comedies to bleak and bloody action, creating a peerless filmography. Despite critical acclaim and success in his native Hong Kong, the majority of To's films remain overlooked and underappreciated in the West. This week, we're kicking off a multi-part TO DOWN to try to pinpoint what makes his work so special and how he's managed to apply his distinct cinematic voice to such a wide variety of genres.

THIS WEEK: Exiled (2006), A Hero Never Dies (1998), Throw Down (2004), The Mission (1999)

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