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Data in Safety vs Safety Data with Kevin Miranda
Episode 413rd August 2021 • Ted Speaks • Ted Carew
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In this episode, Ted and Barb welcome Kevin Miranda. Kevin is the Vice President of MAC Intelligence and Chief of Operations of MAC Safety Consultants, Inc. The consultants and the staff at MAC Safety have over two decades of experience servicing industries such as oil and gas, chemical manufacturing, industrial manufacturing, power plants, nuclear plants, and many others. They are working on projects across the country. They want to better understand the process and try to not have the outcome bias that always exists.  MAC Intelligence is a culmination of safety professionals data scientists and software developers working together to bring dynamic products to market that help companies better assess, identify, quantify, and mitigate risk. MAC Intel’s purpose is to identify and extract new data points that help companies understand not only risk but how to best mitigate risk at a task level. 

According to Kevin, there is always a better way to do safety. Just because there are no injuries, it does not mean we are safe. The numbers are not actually significant in terms of performance and terms of the value of safety. We are not only looking at the indicators, but we are trying to create more. The larger companies have a larger dataset. They have seen more things happen, so therefore they can make a better adjustment. Listen to this episode to find out how they use this data to make safety better.


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