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Marketing Bulletin, June 2023: Almonds Take Over Mexico, Health Ads and Climate Change Partnership
28th June 2023 • Almond Journey • Almond Journey
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June's Marketing Bulletin from the Almond Board of California. 

Almonds Take Over Mexico City

During the first two months of 2023 and around National Almond Day efforts, California almonds took to the streets of Mexico by driving two mobile billboard trucks, covered with almond advertising creative, to top locations in Mexico City. The billboard trucks visited nine shopping malls, 20 supermarkets and 15 gyms. And at each stop, ABC hosted interactive events like snack workshops, giveaways, and yoga and meditation classes.

ABC partnered with popular influencers for the special events – which included podcast host Romina Sacre, Lifestyle and foodie influencer Soulfood Luz Colsa, and fitness trainer Ceci Aguilera. Colsa held a snack workshop showing how to add almonds to cultural Mexican foods, Aquilera hosted a fitness boot camp and Sacre hosted a meditation workshop. Sacre also invited a select few lucky consumers to her podcast recording studio where she recorded an episode about almonds. Through the different activities and mobile advertising, the campaign reached over 360 million impressions in the Mexico market.

Almond Health Ads Running on Facebook and Instagram

During the month of July, the Almond Board will run ads featuring the positive gut health attributes associated with eating almonds. Ads will run on Facebook and Instagram encouraging consumers to learn more about this area of nutrition research funded by the Almond Board. Ads seek to reach people interested in health. They are people that express interest in topics such as specific diet trends (e.g., paleo, keto), nutrients, or visit health websites like WebMD, Eating Well, and more. The ads will run in the U.S., India, Mexico, France, Italy, Germany, Japan and South Korea.

LA Times Features Almonds as Climate Change “First Responders”

The Los Angeles Times, in partnership with the Almond Board of California, published an article and video that explores the growing trend of sustainable farming practices in modern agriculture, and how that helps with climate change. The article highlights two key approaches: precision agriculture and regenerative agriculture, as well as Mallvinder Kahal, a second-generation Madera-based almond farmer and his family. California Secretary of Agriculture Karen Ross is also featured in the article.

With the increasing frequency of drought and other extreme weather, something that ABC's target audiences and farmers are both experiencing, the article emphasizes the importance of collaboration among farmers to drive the adoption of sustainable practices. To amplify this partnership, the LA Times promoted the article and video through display banners on their website and Apple News as well as paid social media running across their extensive digital network. In addition, the partnership took over the LA Times homepage on Tuesday, June, 27. The combined outreach helped showcase how farmers are actively working towards a more resilient and environmentally conscious agricultural industry for a brighter future.




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