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#8 Don't Go Hungry: Especially when weight loss is your aim
Episode 88th July 2020 • Nourish Nurture Breathe • Nourish Nurture Breathe with Kami and Christie
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One of the first things we often do when we want to lose weight is limit what we’re eating. In many cases, this can be the right way to go but if it means going hungry, then it can be what makes us inevitably “fail” in our goals. This episode explores the idea of “not going hungry” by ensuring what we’re eating is nourishing, satisfying and delicious enough to hit all those satisfaction goals. Not going hungry when weight loss is your goal may seem like a weird premise, but once you listen to the episode, we reckon you’ll know what we mean!

You’ll learn:

  • How important it is to not go hungry when aiming to lose weight and maintain weight loss
  • The detrimental effects eating too little can have on your goals
  • A different, more sustainable and more satisfying way to approach your weight goals.

PLUS, an easy way to hack your snacks to make whole food the easiest, most delicious choice.

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