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Episode 436 – Rage the Decibels of The King Dome of Clone
Episode 4368th May 2023 • SeanGeek and FastFret Podcast • Sean McGinity
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To warm everyone, we start with a story, (0:32) before we turn our attention to Elon Musk and Skynet and his “philanthropy”. (5:47) What has our show done? We talk an improvement and some upcoming changes to some of the formatting of the show. (8:22) April was our best month in a long time. Thank you all for it. What were those top episode? (18:31)

We love the Rage Rage podcast. But just how much does that love extend? (23:46)

Todd and Sean share some stories from Montreal and reveal who it was that turned on Sean to the might Zeppelin. (31:38) And speaking of the mighty Zep, many bands have tried to copy/clone them. Which bands got a free pass and which were shot down? (37:29) Listen, there is some great new rock music out there to be discovered. Honestly. Trust us! (57:52)

And to end things off, thank you to the Decibel Geek for showcasing Dome on their show. But in pure SeanGeek and FastFret style, we rebuttal their coverage and play out the role Aaron Camaro cast for us. (1:16:31)

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