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From An Addict's Wife to USOA Ms. Nevada 2021: The Debbie Freeman Story
Episode 477th August 2022 • Butterfly Kisses • Amy Gray-Cunningham
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After years of being held back by her husband, Debbie Freeman finally takes control of her life, becoming an inspiration to her children and others.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How did Debbie Freeman go from being a wife married to an addict to becoming a beauty pageant queen?
  • What was the turning point for Debbie that led her to decide to change her life?
  • How does Debbie feel about her life now, and would she change anything if she could go back?

"I truly believe that my best life was ahead of me."- Debbie Freeman

Debbie Freeman is a beauty pageant queen, motivational speaker, and author. She won the title of USOA Ms. Nevada 2021 at 51 years old. Debbie is passionate about helping others live their best lives and advocates for women's empowerment.

This is Debbie Freeman's story—

Debbie Freeman was married to an addict who lied, stole, and cheated on her. After he was arrested, she realized she didn't want to be with him anymore. She promised God that she would never give up on herself and started working to create the life she desired. She lost 100 pounds and started entering beauty pageants. She is now a role model for her children and other women.

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