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Riding the Post-Pandemic Recruitment Wave with Betts Recruiting
Episode 98th December 2021 • Thriving Globally with Equity • Shareworks / StudioPod Media / Campfire Labs
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From Shareworks by Morgan Stanley, this is Thriving Globally with Equity: A podcast following companies as they break into global markets.

In today's episode, Leslie Schmidt and Lauren Stempel, both Head of Sales at Betts Recruiting, join the show to share detailed points of view on significant changes in the recruitment landscape, talent attraction challenges and scenarios for a new generation, and why companies need to get creative and start reconsidering their compensations and equity packages. Listen to this episode to learn why the hiring market has changed so drastically within the last months and what are the new assets that are here to stay.

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(00:40) A complete market shift: Market competition in the recruiting industry after the 2020 downfall - “It's now the hottest and most competitive hiring market that I've ever seen in my career in recruiting.”

(03:53) - A new generation of candidates: How are companies trying to attract and retain good employees - “They're thinking about their future. They're actually looking for financial advice and guidance and they're trying to save money.”

(07:54) - The challenges and values of explaining equity compensation to employees - “Walk them through what that number could mean for them in the long run, because they're supposed to be signing on for the future they see with you as the company.”

(9:06) - On the run for lower costs: How the pandemic has triggered an exodus to less expensive cities in the US - “About 26% of the candidates have moved out of the Bay Area and people aren't doing a commute anymore. They don't want to”.


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