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Reflection, and What Works for You -39
Episode 3914th March 2023 • THE GRIT SHOW • Shawna Rodrigues
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It's time for reflection and looking at some useful lessons worth sharing, and today we look at 3. One of them is the importance of reflection, so we had to build that right into the title.

  1.  Take your own advice
  2. Time for Reflection is Crucial
  3. What works for you – may not be what works for everyone else. 

We'll look at each of these a little deeper with some real examples. We also use our Grit Wit to dive into how to apply them, as well as some other ways of thinking, to your own life and things you may be contemplating.

You also get to hear more about the coming season of The Grit Show (yes! I am finally taking my advice and breaking the show up into seasons!!), and you'll get to hear a trailer and a teaser for two new podcasts from Authentic Connections Network, the podcast network I've been building over the past several months.

Be sure to head over to Instagram and follow the account to keep up to date on these podcasts, and to learn more about this network and its audacious of goal of 37 by 27 (increasing the number of women hosted podcasts to 37% by 2027). also has a little more info and will be updated with the upcoming training opportunities!

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