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25. Raising Luminaries: Modeling Entrepreneurship
Episode 2530th September 2021 • Luminary Leadership Podcast • Elizabeth Hartke
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As entrepreneurs, we choose this path because we know that it can lead to a different way of life. 

We're called to do more, we have this idea that we want to breathe life into and monetize. But, do you ever wonder whether your kids will choose this path? Will they choose entrepreneurship too? And why is it that some kids choose the same path as their parents while others tend to run in the opposite direction from the path their parents chose? Like with most things, it comes down to modeling. What was their vantage point on our entrepreneurial experience? 

Today, we're talking about how we can best introduce and model entrepreneurship for our kids to see if it lights a spark in them and how we may be inadvertently turning them off to it. What can we do to help light that entrepreneurial spark for them through our own words and our own actions?

I want to remind you guys that we have a free workbook that is so instrumental in identifying those sparks in your kids and cultivating that little entrepreneur in them. So, make sure you go to  to get a copy of the workbook so that you can help your kids identify their spark.

Let's raise them up right!

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