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Episode 2 The Cultures
Episode 214th April 2023 • GOD CENTERED CONCEPT • TS Wright
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Episode 2 The Cultures is about looking at culture and how it impacts. We need to look at a few questions.

  1. What type of culture do we live in?
  2. What type of culture did we come from?
  3. How does it impact the way we view life?
  4. Does it align with the way God wants us to see the world?

Bible passages:

1 Corinthians is the focus of the lesson. If you want more read Ephesians.

We will look at both the ancient Greek and Hebrew cultures and ask how they impact us today and what we can learn from them?

Please email me with any feedback or topics you might want us to discuss.

Everything in our episodes will have a biblical concept, biblical reference or biblical perspective.