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Series 4 on Women Who Scuba
10th May 2023 • Surface Time with Stephanie • Stephanie Luo
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When I first started producing Surface Time, my intention was simply to reproduce the kind of heart-opening dialogues between divers through podcast forum.

A woman’s true power and value is in her intuition, her wisdom, her womb, her ability to create.

When a woman is in her divine feminine, she is a being that is so powerful. That she can literally just sit there on her throne and just attract anything that she wants. Just sheerly with her energy and her inner power.

It is universal that powerful women are very attractive and sexy. We can choose how we respond to such powerful presence.

We can choose to be intimidated by their magnetism. This means that we start to be judgemental and even discredit their confidence and achievement.

Or we can choose to accept and even embrace such powerful magnetism. Overtime, we will stop being our own worst critics and start appreciating our own power and value. This is for both men and women.

I hope that you get inspired from these dialogues.

When you listen to each dialogue, ask yourself “what would my life feel like or look like when I am in my divine feminine?"


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