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Ep 137: Nutrition Success (Without Having to Count Calories)
Episode 13718th September 2022 • Rebel Performance Radio • Rebel Performance
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Do you want to be successful with your nutrition without having to count calories?? This is a really important topic and a question that comes up often. Your need to count calories is going to be dependent on your goal and the level of your goal that you’re trying to achieve. So with that said, who should and who shouldn’t be counting calories to be successful?

On the podcast today we’re going to help you determine whether you are a 4-lane highway person, a sidewalk person or a tightrope person. We’re also going to unpack the 6 core nutrition foundations we teach our athletes at Rebel Performance that allow them to have long-term nutrition success without having to weigh or count their food. Then, we’re going to break down a convenient and one of the easiest ways you can proportion your food.

Listen in to determine if you can be successful in your nutrition without having to count calories 💪

What You'll Learn in this Episode:

  • [05:57] Is your health and wellness more flexible than you might think?
  • [07:35] Are you a highway, sidewalk or tightrope person?
  • [10:30] What are the core nutrition foundations that will help you be successful?
  • [17:25] How to use the right fat for the job.
  • [18:05] Why it’s important to focus on the nutrition of addition
  • [18:55] How to proportion your food using your hand.
  • [21:23] How to determine if you’re in the group who should be counting and weighing your food.
  • [26:05] Why it’s important to have a gradual approach when making significant changes to your nutrition

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