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Building Trust in the Age of ChatGPT
Episode 424th October 2023 • CRUNCH • HMC
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Is your organisation considered to be a 'high trust' organisation? Why is it important to build trust? What are the benefits of purposefully building trust?

In this episode, we explore the idea of trust and the challenges of building trust, particularly in the current 'age of generative AI.'

We tackle tricky questions, such as: "Are communities ready for AI?" "Should you disclose if you are using generative AI?" "How do we bring communities along with us on our generative AI journey?"

Our guest on this episode is advertising industry executive, CEO of King St Chris Williams. Alongside HMC director Heather Claycomb and senior account manager Emma Letessier, we provide insights and tips on how to build trust with a community that has become mis-trustful of big corporates, governments and more.




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