Advancing Financial Technology Through Equal Representation with Nicole Casperson
Episode 16329th August 2022 • Minority Money • Emlen Miles-Mattingly
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So much has been said about equality of representation and its influence, not just within the financial technology industry, but the society as a whole. However, looking at statistics,  reality clearly does not complement expectation.

In this episode, journalist Nicole Casperson, discusses her role as the founder of WTFintech in calling out clear inequities in the finance industry and the media. As a woman who had been faced with a representational dilemma, Nicole continuously voices out her story and every story created by diverse leaders, no matter the gender, no matter the complexion.

Let us continue to advance our financial prowess by expanding our representation. Tune in now.


>> Nicole, the dynamic content creator behind WTFintech

>> What WTFintech offers to the financial technology industry

>> The importance of diversity to serve the underserved communities

>> Impact of representation in the media and business to people

>> Nicole’s source of motivation to grow and lead

>> How working in the media requires a strong support network

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