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15 - Current Events Roundtable
Episode 1512th April 2024 • Not My Generation • Possibilities, Inc.
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In this episode, Emily and James invite some of their colleagues from Rose State College to discuss their thoughts on issues in American society and politics. Their guests are Dr. Joe Campbell, professor of political science, Tara Hall, professor of Sociology, and Craig Dawkins, associate dean of the Business & Information Technology Division.

The panel discusses their views on whether or not Millennial parents are doing a good job with Generation Alpha, why marriage and birth rates are falling both in the U.S. and globally, and what will impact how voters choose between President Biden and former President Trump.

Here is the Los Angeles Times article regarding Millennial parenting of Gen Alpha discussed early in the podcast:

Here is an analysis by the Institute for Health Metrics & Evaluation on the global trend of declining birth rates:

Here is a discussion by Dr. Melissa Kearney, an economist whose recent book, "The Two-Parent Privilege" discusses the impact of declining marriage rates in the U.S.:

Here is a conversation with Dr. Claudia Goldin, professor of economics at Harvard University and recent Nobel Laureate, whose new book James references:

Here is a look at the state by state polling for the 2024 Presidential election provided by 270 to Win:

For more information on Dr. Campbell, click here:

For more information on Professor Hall, click here:

For more information on Associate Dean Dawkins, click here:

To learn more about Dr. Emily Stacey, click here:

To learn more about Professor James Davenport, Click here:

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The views expressed here are solely the views of the hosts and their guests and do not represent the views of Rose State College, its administration, faculty or students.



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