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Geroscience and Reverse Ageing - Dr. Andrea B. Maier (National University of Singapore)
Episode 293rd August 2021 • ACE - Aged Care Enrichment • SilVR Adventures Pty Ltd
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This week we’re taking a look at a word you might have heard before but are not entirely sure of the meaning - Geroscience. We’ve got Dr. Andrea Maier from the Universities of Melbourne, Singapore and the Free University in Amsterdam to help explain what geroscience is all about.

Andrea is a Professor, Geriatrician, author and speaker who’s research focuses on unravelling the mechanics of ageing and age related diseases. In this episode she explains really clearly why age is such a factor in the onset of conditions like dementia, lung disease and cancer, and how by treating the symptoms of ageing, we can reduce the risk of these diseases and even get a bit younger!

Yes that' correct, you’ll hear Andrea explain how we can actually change our biological age with the help of medical interventions earlier in life.

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