Help! I'm struggling to find time for social media for my business. Coaching interview with Frances Barrett
Episode 57th June 2021 • Courageous Content with Janet Murray • Janet Murray
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When you run your own business, finding time for social media can be tough.

But what if you sell social media management as a service?

You can’t really say you’re ‘too busy’ creating content for other people to post on your own accounts. 

Because surely that’s like trying to sell personal training when you don’t even work out. 

So how DO you find the time to create your own social media content?

In this live coaching interview I help social media manager Frances Barrett uncover the surprising reason she’s struggling to find time for her own content.

She also shares her feelings about being paid to do something for other people she’s finding it hard to do herself. 

Key moments

[2:05] How Frances ‘sells’ social media management to her clients

[2:55] What Frances says to people who say they can’t afford social media management

[4:05] Why Frances believes she’s struggling to publish her own social media content

[5:39] Why it’s important for content specialists to find time to create their own content

[7:19] Why I don’t think Frances has a problem with time management (and what’s really going on)

[10:08] What small business owners are looking for when they hire a social media manager (and what they don’t really care about)

[11:34] Why great testimonials can free up time in your business (and help you make more sales)

[16:26] Why pricing can be the key to freeing up time in your business 

[21:44] How undervaluing the audience you’ve built can leave you feeling ‘time poor’

[24:38] Why knowing your hourly rate is crucial to freeing up time for content

[25:36] Why you should focus on your own marketing - before you do any client work 

[26:05] Janet summarises what she feels Frances needs to do to find time to create her own content

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