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Your Diabetic Stories - Brandon Mouw
Episode 464th January 2021 • Diabetic and Healthy • Charlotte Bulpitt
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Diagnosed as having Type 1 Diabetes at just 3 years old, today’s guest Brandon Mouw, shares his incredible and inspirational story. 


Imagine maintaining the most incredible control of your Diabetes and your blood sugars for years only to then develop brittle Diabetes, Hypo Unawareness and be told you have 2 years to live if you can’t find 250 thousand dollars for a Pancreas transplant. This was the reality facing Brandon just a couple of years ago. 

In this episode Brandon Mouw shares his incredible journey from growing up from a young age with Type 1 to how he is living today, without the need of insulin injections or pumps but managing lots of new health challenges which come with being a transplant survivor.