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Weight Loss Secret #1: How To Stick To Your Food Plan and Be Consistent
Episode 2882nd April 2024 • Real Life Weight Loss • Corey Little
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Do you struggle to be consistent? 

Do you have a really hard time sticking to your exercise or food plan? 

Does trying to lose weight always add to your stress and leave you feeling overwhelmed? 

In this episode, I will explain why you feel this way and provide two simple tips to help you overcome inconsistency and stick to your goals. You’re going to learn one of the core concepts (one of the secrets!) of my Anti-Diet Method. 

A recent conversation was the inspiration for this episode. It left me kind of brokenhearted, but also made me think of where I used to be, what I used to teach, and where I am now. My perspective, my message, and my coaching has changed pretty drastically in 20 years. 

I explain it all in today’s episode!

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