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Zack Marks - Crypto Enabled Financing for Emerging Markets SMBs (Frontier Markets Podcast #8)
Episode 831st March 2023 • Frontier Markets Podcast • Frontier Markets Institute
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In this episode of the Frontier Markets Podcast, we have a conversation with Zack Marks, the founder of Jia Finance.

Zack has been involved in unlocking capital for small and medium sized businesses in emerging markets for the last decade; and Jia Finance is the latest culmination of those efforts.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The origin story of Jia Finance; a crypto lending protocol that makes it easier for global pools of capital to engage in data driven lending for SMEs in Kenya, Philippines, and India
  • The market landscape for crypto meeting emerging markets
  • Industry overviews of the financial systems in Kenya and Philippines.
  • Stories of founders in emerging markets, and discussion on cultures of entrepreneurship.

This was an incredibly fun conversation. In particular, I liked the part where we got to touch upon the design space of community finance within different cultures.


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