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John Wright: Changing trends in fashion and textiles
Episode 321st April 2021 • ReMake Manufacturing • Sean Redfearn
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John Wright is the experienced Managing Director of Brisbane Moss. He is a  senior leader within the textiles industry. He is skilled in Management, Leadership, trend analysis, Textile and Fashion Design.

We talk about how fashion tastes of consumers are changing, to be more sustainable with a focus on quality as opposed to the fast fashion disposable model made famous by PRIMARK and BooHoo and Top Shop for example. 

We talk about how how social media and technology has resulted in an explosion of young designers who are setting up their own fashion labels to cater to unique alternative tastes which is good for business because they service all ends of the market. 

Aside from their heritage, being a company that is 140 years old, We discuss what makes them unique and why brand like Prada, Gucci, Ralph Lauren souce from them. 

From Redfern Media this is Re-Make Manufacturing.