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22 | Ron Glickman | Leading with Purpose
2nd April 2024 • Elevate Your Career • Nicole McMackin
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In today's episode of Elevate Your Career, Nicole is joined by Dr. Ron Glickman, Chief Information Officer at Trader Joe's and the author of 'Lead for a Change.' Ron shares his extensive experience in leadership and the importance of adopting a relational approach over a transactional one in professional environments. He emphasizes the value of giving back, drawing from his personal journey and the mutual coaching experiences he's had, including with the host. Ron's belief in the power of relational dynamics underpins the conversation, illustrating how building genuine connections can lead to more meaningful and impactful leadership.

Ron explores the backstory of his decision to write a book, inspired by the lessons he's learned through his career and the encouragement of peers. His teaching role at Cal State LA and the subsequent push towards earning a doctorate to validate his non-scholarly approach to leadership education played a pivotal role in this. The book, intended as a practical toolkit for leaders at any stage, encapsulates his research and personal insights on leadership being a learnable skill, not limited by innate traits.

Reflecting on personal influences, Ron credits his grandfather's journey to America and his own efforts to fulfill the American Dream as a significant motivation behind his achievements. He discusses the current political landscape's challenges and stresses the importance of effectiveness over being right. Ron's commitment to helping others, as evidenced by his involvement with Camp Kesem and women's leadership programs, highlights his belief in the transformative power of leadership to not just advance individual careers but also make a broader societal impact.

Join Nicole and Ron for this fascinating and inspiring conversation!


What You Will Learn In This Show:

  • The distinction between relational and transactional leadership styles.
  • Ron's path to authoring a leadership book, influenced by his experiences teaching at Cal State LA and pursuing his doctorate.
  • Actionable advice on how to apply leadership lessons to your career and personal development.
  • The critical role of compromise in leadership and politics, emphasizing the need for effectiveness over being right.
  • The personal influences on Ron's leadership philosophy, including the impact of his grandfather's immigrant experience and the legacy of striving for the American Dream.
  • Ron’s unique method of reflection and relaxation through smoking cigars, illustrating the importance of finding personal ways to reflect and strategize about one’s life and career.
  • The fulfillment derived from engaging in projects that help others, such as leading a charity for children whose parents have been affected by cancer and contributing to women's leadership programs.
  • And so much more...


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