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Revisit: Horse Husband Roundtable with Mark and Kevin for 02-27-23 by World Equestrian Center
Episode 312727th February 2023 • HORSES IN THE MORNING • Horse Radio Network
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Revisit:  Horse Husband Roundtable with four veteran horse husbands.  Stay tuned as they talk horse population control, equipment repairs, ranch expansion, long distance riding and much more....

HORSES IN THE MORNING 3127 - Show Notes & Links:

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  • The HORSES IN THE MORNING CrewGlenn the Geek:  co-host, executive in charge of comic relief, Jamie Jennings:   co-host, director of wacky equestrian adventures, Coach Jenn:  producer, Chaos Control Officer.
  • Title Sponsor:  World Equestrian Center
  • Co-Host: Glenn the Geek (See host bios.)
  • Co-Host:  Joseph with Shake'n Fork
  • Guest: Mark Laney, former CEO of Best of America on Horseback
  • Guest: Former UPS man and ranch hand, Kevin
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