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Kitchen counter clutter solution
12th July 2023 • Motherhood Simplified • Krista Lockwood
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kitchen counter clutter

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For myself, but also moms inside of Decluttering simplified and in the Facebook group as well, is that it's a combination of two things, too much stuff and needing a simple. You can call it a routine, you can call it a rhythm. You can call it a habit around that space in your home. So the truth about your counter spaces is that they're going to attract things.

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You've got to declutter the toy cabinets, you've gotta declutter the bedrooms, gotta declutter the closets so that the stuff on the counter spaces has somewhere to go. That's step one, is to declutter. Probably not declutter. All of the stuff on the counter, it's decluttering those other areas of your house so that you have space to put those things.

Now, the second part is that you've got to get into a routine or a habit or a rhythm of clearing these off at regular intervals. So I'm gonna share with you how I do it, and then I'm gonna tell you where you can learn more about how to actually do this for yourself. So I clear off our counters every single night during our nightly reset.

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Everything is taken care of when we can just start the day instead of having to do a bunch of cleanup and chores and catch up and then start our day. So that's the nightly reset. And then because a lot of things on a counter space are transient and time sensitive. I also do about a weekly reset where I go through and say, did we finish this?

Did we do this? Is this complete? Can I put this away? Are we done with this? Because some things can't be put away yet because they just have to stay there where I can see them. Until they're taken care of, whether it's bills or schoolwork or whatever else it might be sports stuff. I don't know what else.

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Those go get put away in their homes where they belong, and if the step doesn't have a home, or it's not clear where that home is, or there's just no room to put it anywhere else, that is a very clear sign that you do need to declutter because it should be ideally as easy as just at the end of the day, spending 15 to 20 minutes going through your home.

Putting things back where they belong. So it's a combination of having an amount of stuff that adequately and comfortably fits into your home, as well as having a strong routine around actually doing that. And that is stuff that you can delegate to your family. It is a part of a daily rhythm routine that you need.

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And it's something that you can learn, right? You can learn how to do this, you can practice this, and you can get better and better at this. And that's exactly what I do in decluttering. Simplified. So decluttering simplified is the course where I teach you exactly how to declutter your entire home, start to finish room by room.

Everything that you could possibly come up against. As you declutter your home is covered in decluttering, simplified. And if it's not, you come and ask the community and I answer it in there. And then in addition to, or a new bonus to that course is the motherhood simplified course where I teach sustainable.

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But if you struggle with counter clutter, It's a come, it's either one or both of these things. Too much stuff in your house and not having a space for everything because there's too much stuff to fit into your home, so you've got to declutter, or it's not having that routine and that habit in place to maintain that heavy traffic area of your home, because that's always gonna be there.

If there's people living in your home, it's always gonna be there and. You can either accept it or you can do something about it, or you can do both. You can accept it and then do something about it. So that is it for today's episode, short and sweet, and I'll talk to you soon.