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Lyric Life - Mark Scarbrough EPISODE 77, 21st May 2021
Tamara Madison, "What Now Is Like"
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Tamara Madison, "What Now Is Like"

Join me, Mark Scarbrough, as I explore this poem from a working poet, Tamara Madison: "What Now Is Like."

It's a gentle exploration of the experience of the "now," the only way it can be experienced, in metaphor--and together. It's a poem that becomes quantum, becomes its own "now," and offers us a way to stop time, the one thing "now" can never offer us.

This is a great poem for the coming end of the pandemic. It's full of hope. Full of linguistic pyrotechnics. And full of now.

If you want to know more about Madison's poetry, check out her website: tamaramadisonpoetry.com.