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Housing Affordability
Episode 644th November 2023 • WeAreTPM • Teixeira Property Management LLC
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In this episode, John and Kyle discuss discuss the topic of housing affordability. They

highlight how housing affordability is a major concern in the current market, affecting

both renters and buyers. They explain that interest rate increases have a significant

impact on housing affordability, as higher rates can reduce the amount buyers are

qualified for and increase monthly out-of-pocket expenses. They also discuss the

rental market and how increasing expenses, such as taxes and insurance, are affecting

landlords' ability to maintain affordable rents. The hosts emphasize the importance of

considering the rental market cycle and the potential for rents to level out or even

decrease in the future. They also touch on the impact of evictions and delinquencies on

the housing market and the need for a balanced approach to address the affordability


Key Takeaways:

• Housing affordability is a top concern in the current market, affecting both renters and


• Interest rate increases have a direct impact on housing affordability, reducing the

amount buyers are qualified for and increasing monthly expenses.

• Landlords are facing challenges in maintaining affordable rents due to increasing

expenses like taxes and insurance.

• The rental market is reaching a point where rents may start to level out or even


• Evictions and delinquencies are increasing, indicating a potential breaking point in the

affordability cycle.


"The most sensitive sector for interest rate increases is housing. It's the first place you

feel it." - Kyle Teixeira

"As rents have gone up and they've been skyrocketing over the past five years, we're

now at a point where it's not sustainable." - John Teixeira

"This country is as great as any society on the planet has ever been because it is

literally the only society that has ever propped up the middle class over all other

classes." - John Teixeira

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