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Riverdale High AV Club - Megan and Ezra EPISODE 37, 25th August 2020
37. SkinnyJug
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37. SkinnyJug

This week we have a brand new Unnamed Game from Megan, about how misunderstood our favorite redheaded boy is. Next up we join the gang for a summer at Camp Wahoo, filled with kayaking, ballet, and the Heimlich maneuver!

Finally, we dive into comic history with another segment of Rivers of Laughter, and learn about how iconic artist Bob Montana came to be the creator of Archie himself.

Check out https://www.lambiek.net/ to sneak a peek at those daily Archie comics, and probably a lot of other cool stuff!

Coming up next month we'll be watching Archie's Weird Mysteries. Join us for a few episodes, and share your favorites with us!