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17: Time to Plan - Fierce and Strong Challenge
Episode 1720th October 2020 • The eXperiment Podcast • Laura Doughty
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Today's episode is all about getting your PLAN on. Your Wellness Wednesday includes not only your health but your life and business plans. I offer a simple 3-Step process to get your plans in motion.

Step 1: Define your goals. Your goals include Family, Financial, Physical, Educational, Spiritual And in defining your goals, I have lots of questions I ask – here are 3 of them to help you drill down - Where are you now vs. the desired outcome?

How will you feel when you have it?

How will you know when you have it?

Step 2: Know your numbers. You have to know how much it’s going to take to get to your goal. Most people in general earn only what it takes to pay for their basic needs. It’s also why people often feel they are living from paycheck to paycheck. I have a formula that helps you to incorporate all those things that we typically overlook or ignore. Here’s a quick overview: 

Take your personal overhead, your business overhead, your fun (don’t skip this or you won’t have any fun), your taxes and your savings – Add all those up and that is what you MUST earn each month. Use this formula to know what you REALLY need to earn to achieve your personal, business, family, and financial goals this year! I find that empowering. Maybe that’s because I’m a sales person at my core and I get excited when I know what I need to accomplish. Which leads me to step 3.

Step 3: Your money making schedule. This is my challenge to you.  LOVE having a schedule. Your freedom is in your schedule! Don’t be hating on my right now. I know the truth hurts, but I say it with much love! Break away from the crowd that lives month-to-month and join the ranks of those who control their time; for controlling your time means controlling your income. How much time do you actually have to build your life and business?

To determine the number of hours you actually have available for building  the things that matter in your life, calculate the number of daily hours you spend:

Per Day:

Hours spent sleeping: _____

Hours spent with family & friends: _____

Hours spent on fitness, grooming, and other personal time: _____

Hours spent driving: ____

Total hours: ____

24 Hours minus TOTAL _____ hours committed to personal time = hours available to use in your powerful, moneymaking schedule. This will keep your schedule realistic. 

If you'd like a DONE-FOR-YOU plan, then join me in the Fierce and Strong Challenge - Join Here