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51. Transforming Healthcare, Destigmatizing Mental Health, & Eliminating Health Disparities, with Cindy Salas Murphy
Episode 5125th January 2021 • Gravity • Brett Kaufman
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Cindy Salas Murphy is the founder and CEO of WithHealth, a San Diego-based company that combines precision health with telemedicine to make access to specialty physicians affordable and immediate. Cindy has more than 20 years of experience leading transformation in healthcare for hospitals, medical groups, and as an entrepreneur with a successful exit. 

Her outcomes include the growth of a startup to more than one billion under management and improved patient safety, quality service, and growth, all while also reducing cost and optimizing productivity levels. 

What Brett asks:

  • [01:45] What was your early life like?
  • [04:00] When was your mother disabled?
  • [08:48] Tell me more about your early family life and the courage, and strength, and connection between your parents.
  • [11:17] What happened as you started growing up? What kind of person are you? What are you interested in? And how is kind of your family dynamic shaping that?
  • [23:35] Tell me a little bit more about the career that led you to your calling.
  • [32:48] What is WithHealth and how is that going during the pandemic?
  • [35:53] Tell me about the experience of writing the business plan on the plane.
  • [48:30] How about being in the telemedicine business when COVID hits?

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