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The Book of Revelation - Michael Joseph Mouawad EPISODE 5, 16th February 2021
Revelation -- 05
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Revelation -- 05

The Book of Revelation #5

In verses 12 through 20 of the first chapter of Revelation, Our Lord appears to St. John between the seven lampstands. His appearance defies any alien we have seen in movies. Why? 

The seven lampstands are the seven catholic churches that are part of St John's diocese. We will have more to say about the deep connection between the structure and hierarchy of the Church Christ established and the Book of Revelation. In this lecture, our focus is on Our Lord's appearance and the reason for it.


  • When St. John saw Jesus, he fell down as though dead. What would be your reaction? Why?
  • Why do we have a paschal candle in churches? Why is it placed at the right-hand side of the altar?
  • Why is the Gospel read on the right-hand side of the altar?
  • What are the powers of a bishop?
  • What role do angels play in the physical universe?