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RR 449: Maryann Croce – What Advice Would You Give a New Business Owner? Will this advice benefit the established business person?
16th July 2019 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Ask Maryann Croce! What advice would you give a new business owner? Will this advice benefit the established business person?

Would you like some advice on starting a business. What if you could apply this advice to your established business. With me is Maryann Croce from She and her husband Tony also own Croce Transmission in Norwalk, CT. 

As a business owner, she can chalk up many a mistake that has turned into wisdom. She has been there and done that and shares 5 key principles to help a startup business person get ahead of the game. She is speaking to resilience, commitment, getting help, being curious and giving. Learn why messaging, relationships and financials are vital no matter what stage you are and your business is currently in. Don’t believe you need to go it alone.

Maryann was a banker turned business owner. Tony was a technician turned shop owner. She is also a member of Women in Auto Care and owns

Her biggest mistake as a new business owner was thinking she had to do it all. This is one of the reasons why her signature talk “Gain Control by Letting Go” was created.

Maryann is also a member of Women in Auto Care and owns Hear Maryann in her previous episodes HERE.

Key Talking Points
  • What advice would you give to a new business ownerResilience to be testedEasy to be the owner when everything is going smooth
  • Will have constant challenges- need to be thick skinned
  • Don’t lose empathy or kindness but don’t take things personally
  • Take a standCore values- know what they are and take a stand for yourself and others. Have to work for you, your team, your customers. Be an example every day 
  • Ask for helpBuilding relationships is key- vendors, suppliers, other business owners in industry and community
  • Have a curious mindsetBe open-minded to new ideas- willingness to grow and learn
  • Won’t get stuck in negative flow 
  • Share and give Locally, industry event, you always have something to offer
  • Help each other without an agenda 
  • What is a healthy business?Profitable, sustainable and enjoyable .
  • Your business is part of your life, not your entire life- don’t lose sight of yourself, friends and family 
  • How do you evolve to a business owner?Messaging- voice and messaging is right for business
  • Relationships- how you nurture them
  • Know the financials of the business
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