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The Tax Collector (2020)
Episode 918th August 2020 • Film Trace • Film Trace
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David Ayer returns to his old haunts in this 30 million dollar low-rent crime film about the LA gangland. The violence is constant and grotesque. The emotional melody is either mute or cacophonous. Shia LaBeouf, tightrope walking a role as a gringo hitman called Creeper, tattooed his entire chest for a 2-minute grainy scene where he is relentlessly tortured. This film is a prime example of how the forces of commerce can overpower even the most resolute artistic impulse.

We trace the life of The Tax Collector from conception (it all began in a dojo), production (the cast rehearsed for over 2 months), release (VOD hit), reception (0% Top Critic Rotten Tomato score)

Join us as we trace the life of The Tax Collector...




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