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Get Cyber Safe: The Cybersecurity Manual
16th November 2023 • The Root & STEM Podcast • Pinnguaq
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On this episode of the Root & STEM podcast, Christine Menard of Get Cyber Safe shares loads of tips and advice regarding cybersecurity. She begins with an explanation of what Get Cyber Safe is (01:20), and continues by revealing which demographics are the highest risk for cyber attacks (03:08). Christine lays out an immediate action plan for the scenario of facing a ransomware attack (10:33) and shares her thoughts on why password managers are a very helpful tool (12:22). She then shares what avenues of attack are the most common for cyber scammers (20:29), before describing some red flags to be aware of on social media and how to best protect yourself from security breaches (27:06). Christine wraps up by sharing one simple action everyone can complete today to improve their cybersecurity (40:00).

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