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How to Be Seduced by the Italian Lifestyle with Rob Patchett, Cotswolds Distillery
Episode 11216th April 2019 • Lush Life • Susan L. Schwartz
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It’s so easy to be seduced by the Italian way of life. Long lunches, great food, weather, wine, and all of August off on holiday. Rob Patchett fell for it in a big way and a gap year turned into nine years that would change his life.

What Rob learned in Italy would stay with him for the rest of his career. Even when he returned to his hometown, he had acquired a touch of host-Italia: that perfect combination of hospitality and bella figura that usually only Italians are born with.

Now he’s with us today to explain how how went from North Yorkshire to the Cotswolds Distillery where, as Regional Sales Associate, he brings that attitude to their award winning spirits.

Our Cocktail of the Week is Cotswolds Martini.

  • Two sprays of Cotswolds Absinthe in a Nick and Norah Martini glass
  • 60ml Cotswolds Dry Gin
  • Stir in a mixing conical for 90 seconds or until the dilution is just perfect
  • Strain into you Absinthe lined Nick and Norah Martini glass
  • Express some grapefruit oil over the top and discard the peel

Or just simply pour 60ml Cotswolds Single Malt Whisky into a Glencairn whisky glass and think about life.


You’ll find the cocktail martini recipe and all the cocktails on, where you’ll also find all the ingredients in our shop.

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Always remember the wise words of Oscar Wilde, “All things in moderation, including moderation,” and always drink responsibly!


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