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How to Break Through in a SHADOW MARKET | Guests: Kelly & Wood, WILD Country 99, St. Cloud, MN
Episode 1568th November 2021 • Brandwidth On Demand • David Martin & Kipper McGee
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Radio can be challenging enough in any town, but hosting a top morning show when your market is in the shadow of a Top 15 market adds a whole new level of competition.

That's where KELLY & WOOD come WIN! Based at Leighton Broadcasting's WILD COUNTRY 99. Kelly Jordan has been in mornings for a while, but Matt Wood is a recent addition, from his 'other job' as Sports Director for the cluster.

In this episode, they offer some great tips on putting a winning morning show together, while wearing multiple hats in today's consolidated radio...and all the while keeping their eye on the prize of WINNING in their market, despite the bigger market signals that can penetrate their hometown.

Key points you won't want to miss:

  • [02:53] St. Cloud can be a unique market – serving its own area, yet living in the shadow of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. And consolidated radio means everybody is wearing more hats (or headphones) these days. Kelly & Wood share a typical day and share tips for making it all work.
  • [04:42] As a fairly new morning team, they share some invaluable tips on creating a new morning show on the fly -- and making it work!
  • [08:17] Living in a medium market while also working on multiple stations, Kelly & Wood offer helpful tips on whether to adjust their ‘on-air’ persona or just showcase different sides of their personalities.
  • [07:09] We get some great tips for anyone trying to break into the business or advance their careers today?
  • [14:01] Kelly & Matt each share lessons learned, and how it's evolved WHAT they do differently today, and HOW they now do it!

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