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Episode 5 Being A Rebellious People Pleaser with Emma Louise Dyson
Episode 517th August 2023 • Adulting with Ebonie The Podcast • Ebonie Allard
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In this episode I speak to Emma Louise Dyson, an accredited crystal practitioner, a shamanic witch and earth medicine practitioner. By blending the magical energy of crystals, herbs, and plants, she weaves a tapestry of enchantment, infusing her practices with layers of transformative power. We discuss shifting from being a people pleaser to creating healthy and powerful boundaries as an adult.

We talk about:

  • How to show up as your authentic self
  • The importance of stepping away from being a people pleaser
  • Creating healthy boundaries and the results of following this path
  • Stepping back to nature
  • Facing our 'good girl' fears

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This week's episode is called 'Success is Surrendering to a Soul Led Life' and we talk about her giving up her beautiful home, and successful business 'because Soul said so'... It's a beautiful story of surrender and trust.

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About Emma:

As an Earth Medicine and Magic Practitioner, shamanic witch, and feral rebel, I bring a unique blend of wisdom and experience to the realm of crystals and holistic healing.

For six years, I had the privilege of working as a TV presenter on esteemed UK and US channels such as Gems TV, Rocks TV, JewelleryMaker, and Hochanda. During this time, I honed my craft and shared my passion for gemstones and crystals with a diverse audience.

Venturing beyond the screen, my wanderlust led me to explore the world as an international shopping specialist, representing renowned luxury jewellery brands like Cartier and Mont Blanc on six continents. This journey took me to extraordinary places, including the bustling diamond district of New York and the mesmerising gemstone mines of Tanzania, where I immersed myself in the wonders of these precious treasures.

Driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, I sought to expand my expertise in gemology. Through rigorous training with the Gemological Institute of America, I acquired a wealth of knowledge and earned distinguished credentials, proudly sporting letters after my name.

Yet, my exploration didn't stop there. I delved deeper into the metaphysical and healing aspects of crystals, becoming a qualified crystal therapist. My passion for sharing this sacred wisdom led me to create my own crystal practitioners course called The Wild Child Crystal Practitioners Diploma, empowering others to unlock their innate healing abilities.

In addition to my crystal endeavours, I have successfully run my own crystal business Rock Chic, fuelling my entrepreneurial spirit.

Presently, I find myself on a captivating journey, seeking to purchase land and embark on a fulfilling off-grid lifestyle, where I can further connect with nature and live in harmony with the Earth.

Nature has always been my sanctuary, and I find solace in foraging for herbs and connecting with their potent medicinal properties. By blending the magical energy of crystals, herbs, and plants, I weave a tapestry of enchantment, infusing my practices with layers of transformative power.

Find Emma here:

Facebook Page - Wild and Untamed

Free FB Group - The Wild Child Crystal Collective -

TikTok - @thewildanduntamedway

IG -

Website - <> (Currently not live)

What part of being a grown-ass adult are you in AWE of Emma?

Finally creating boundaries, being able to say no to things, being unapologetically me, healing my people pleaser (this is a work in progress)

What do you see as the most important or valuable shift or change you've made for yourself in your adult life?

Wow, so many, I'm changing and shifting constantly but doing things in a way that works for me rather than what society suggests we should. The biggest being selling my house, closing down my business as it was and starting my journey off grid to live a more connected life with the land.


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