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Get out your way and put your pet business out there with Osmaan Sharif
Episode 7629th July 2021 • Publicity for Pet Businesses • Rachel Spencer
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Is your feeling of not being good enough holding back your business? 

Maybe you’re always worrying that people will find out you’re not the expert and you’re constantly thinking ‘who am I to say this?’ 

Perhaps you’re worried about what people will say or criticise something you’ve said?

If you were nodding away to any of that then this week’s podcast with performance and mindset coach Osmaan Sharif is a must-listen to help you get out of this way of thinking.

Discover why reframing your mindset to how you’re helping people is key to ditching those mindset gremlins!

Key topics and timings in this episode:

1.51: Introduction 

2.28: About Osmaan

5.16: Osmaan’s advice for businesses wanting to grow but feeling held back by their mindset

7.13: Accepting you need to get yourself out there to help others

10.33: Osmaan shares how you don’t have to wait for the perfect moment in business 

13.03: Osmaan’s advice for worrying about what people think of us 

16.27: Osmaan shares why you need to be the guide to your customers not the hero

19.36: How your experience from your previous career is still valid in your new business

22.07: How to put yourself out there

24.53: Osmaan talks about imposter syndrome

33.08: How the Rapid Transformation Formula works

36.59: How to overcome feelings of overwhelm and tiredness 

41.26: How recognising your goals can help win publicity 

45.36: Osmaan’s advice for when we’re putting the breaks on ourselves 

50.08: How to explore negative feelings 

52.28: Where to find out more about Osmaan 

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