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Optimism - Matt Needy, VP at Huntington Ingalls Industries
7th September 2021 • Engineering Leadership • Doug Haugh
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Matt Needy is Vice President of Navy Programs for Huntington Ingalls Industries, America’s largest military shipbuilding company and a provider of professional services to partners in government and industry. Matt obtained his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, and he chose Optimism as his topic.

3-Bullet Summary

  • Optimism creates a highly motivated workforce.
  • A part of being optimistic is having a well thought out plan. 
  • Being conscious and self aware helps you not to give in to emotions.


  1. “Optimism is essential for you to motivate that team, and nobody wants to work for a pessimistic person.”
  2. “The basis for optimism really starts with being real.”
  3. “Early in your career, you have to be working on your EQ or your emotional intelligence, as well as your IQ.”