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Holistic Bitches Episode 24 | Integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine In A Modern World
20th July 2022 • Holistic Bitches Unfiltered • Lesley Rubinoff
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Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM) is considered to be the practice of ancient healing and what I know to be the true roots of medicine. TCM is often overlooked and swept under the rug by many. Clara Cohen has dedicated the last 20 years to learning, teaching, and healing with TCM. Combining acupuncture and acupressure, Chinese herbs, cupping, and more to address the root cause and move the CHI in the body. In this episode, Clara and I define what TCM is and how to incorporate it into a full Holistic healing protocol.

Clara Cohen is a graduate of the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Vancouver, where she completed a 5 year program at the Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine level. She’s a licensed acupuncturist since 2003.

Founder of Healing Cedar Wellness, a multi-disciplinary clinic in Vancouver, BC. 

She has been teaching acupuncture online and in person to future practitioners for 14 years. She has been a speaker and presenter at many conferences over her career, published 2 books, and magazine articles. 

She’s the founder of AcuPro Academy, an online platform where she provides Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine resources, online courses, videos & PDFs for practitioners & students. 

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