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Get to Know Your Hosts, Coach Justin Gerstung & Coach Eric Klumpp - Episode 1
Episode 12nd July 2020 • Beyond the Ball • Hoop Heads Podcast Network
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In the introductory episode of the Beyond the Ball podcast, Coach Klumpp and Coach Gerstung give you some insights into what to expect out of their podcast, some of their background, their thoughts on coaching, family, and finding balance. They are both Christians that hope to use this platform as a place to have conversations about how sport beyond the ball has provided deeper meaning for them and how their families have been an instrumental part of their journey. Coach Klumpp and Coach Gerstung were actually opponents and friends during their high school careers and that friendship and competitiveness continues even now as they both work and coach back at their home schools. They discuss how this podcast is a passion project for themselves to simply talk sport, talk coaching, share experiences, and celebrate transformational coaches.

2:45- Coach Klumpp introduces himself.

4:00- Coach Gerstung introduces himself.

6:30- Coach Klumpp's Philosophy on coaching.

8:00- Coach Gerstung's Philosophy on coaching.

13:30- Coach Klumpp on family and finding balance.

16:00- Coach Gerstung on family and finding balance.

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