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How to Hire with Amber Gray
Episode 4710th March 2022 • Elite Achievement • Kristin Burke
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On this episode of Elite Achievement, Kristin interviews Amber Gray who is the Founder and CEO of Trusty Oak, a virtual assistant agency based in Austin, TX. Under Amber’s leadership, Trusty Oak was named the top freelancer hiring platform of the year and led Amber to be named Austin’s top businesswoman of the year, both in 2021. Join us as we discuss the process of hiring a virtual assistant and much more.

Amber talks about her experiences before she started building her agency as well as their core values and what services they offer at Trusty Oak. She also shares her hiring best practices and common hiring mistakes to avoid.


07:23 – I did apply for a job and they said “You're overqualified for this position” and I had a light bulb moment that I could start a business that does this.

09:31 – Now I'm taking home a decent salary, but still not where I want to be, but it's still something that I can be proud of.

11:57 – So the number one thing to think about is that you need to know what you need first.

14:23 – A lot of people do want to work in remote, flexible jobs and we want the best of the best, so aligning for values is the main thing. Skills can be learned, especially if you’re resourceful.

28:47 – My mission statement is “500 virtual assistants have sustainable jobs and we want to support entrepreneurs to thrive and not experience burn out.”

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