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Panel Discussion - Customer Success and Mental Health - Part Two
Episode 410th September 2020 • Gainsight GameChanger Podcast • Gainsight / StudioPod Media
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Welcome to The Gainsight Gamechanger Podcast, a space where we recognize and celebrate people who change the game of customer success and product experience for their companies, customers, teammates, and partners.

COVID19 brought enormous changes to our previously “normal” life. How we used to go to work, hang out with family and friends, and our lifestyles in general, have been abruptly interrupted. Will we ever have the lives we used to before the health crisis? Possibly (and hopefully) not. Not everything is around uncertainty though, since the pandemic has brought the awareness and prioritization of mental health for working teams all over the world. In this episode, our host, Adam Joseph, continues the conversation around the importance of mental health, as he is joined by a nurtured panel of professionals and advocates for this topic.

In today’s discussion, we’ll listen to the thoughts and opinions of Rick Adams, founder and CEO at PracticalCSM, Anthony Wilkey, Customer Success Director at Degreed, Ross Paterson, cofounder of, Jung Kim, Customer Success Director at NeuroFlow and yoga teacher at E-RYT 500, and Vicki Pope, Client Success Team Leader at Unmind. 

During lockdown, it is much easier for both employers and employees to engage in people pleasing attitudes and overwork, but it’s also crucial for everyone to learn how to take a break and understand there will always be things that are more important than work. Listen to this episode to know how organizations and employees can guide their teams into creating a much more empathic and mental health driven atmosphere. You’ll learn how this crisis may have long term beneficial impacts in the working models, and how we can all be part of a more flexible, empathic and humane normality.

Jump straight into:

(01:29) - A light hearted introduction of our panel, their backgrounds and their involvement with mental health.

(12:03) - Understanding the definition of stress and its impact on our body - “ It is automatic and unconscious, it’s not in our control. People seem to feel guilty when they feel stressed, but it is a natural reaction.” 

(15:17) - The trends around management and mental health throughout the COVID19 crisis - “People are having more valuable discussions with the customers, because the world is kind of united under a common goal right now.” 

(18:35) - How COVID19 has raised awareness and strengthened connections between people and their loved ones - “It’s unfortunate that it takes a pandemic for people to really set up and start thinking about mental health, but that’s what has happened.”

(19:57) - What everybody can learn from yoga to become better in their careers and personal development - “When you have awareness of something, then you can make the steps to go towards alignment.”

(22:37) - How can organizations help their teams to thrive during uncertain times? - “The emphasis on the team, rather than the individual, I think it’s really important.” 

(28:45) - What can you do if you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed? - “Don’t expect to become a superhero in terms of managing and coping with the challenges that we’re presented with, but think about how you can find ways to be better than you were yesterday.”


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This publicly accessible pathway helps leaders in Human Resources and Learning & Development create the culture needed for sustainable, impactful Wellness programs to take deep roots.

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